BVictory Foundation's Outtreach programs

Our healthier and better you programs will help you live a healthier, more active, and more abundant life physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually.

Affordable housing


The affordable housing program is so much more than just making a roof over one's head affordable. It's about:
  • Keeping families safe

  • Keeping families together

  • Creating Independence

  • Building Up  Confidence and Empowerment

  • Leveling the playing field for those with low income to build their credit
  • Creating more first time home buyers
Home savings

In today's housing market, the prices are skyrocketing! With every new development that is started, the average price tag is starting at $200k. However, price tag in no way reflects the average household income, which is about $40k. Sad, thing is there are so many Americans that are not even seeing that as income. The job market is largely creating minimum wage jobs. And those workers are only seeing $20k - $30k a year. This does not include those who earn less than $20k  a year who is in desperate need of housing. Many are on fixed incomes due to injuries or illness that has left them unable to work.

When applying for an apartment most places required you to earn 3x the rent in income a month, and so many are unable to met this requirement. Its this group of people that has an unfair disadvantage. They have to work two and three jobs and still are able unable to stay on top of the basic needs, rent and utilities, car insurance, and car payments. If they don't have reliable transportation, the their cost goes up even more, because they have to pay companies like Lyft and Uber to get back and forth to work and other places. That price tag can get pretty pricey depending on how far they have to travel for work, and other travel needs like picking up the kids from school, getting groceries, and going to doctor's appointments, etc. Even if the ride cost is $8 per ride that's about $80 per week $4160 per year and that's just going to and from work and the job is no more than 10 minutes away. Most people do not live that close to work. Then the price can easily be doubled! 

Being able to pay your rent that fits into your budget allows renters a better chance to improve their credit score, and positions them to become homeowners one day! In turn this helps grow our economy and our communities!

There is nothing more empowering than being able to pay your bills on time and know that you can actually getting ahead in life! 

Your contribution into this program can change lives in a major way!

scholarship prog

Our scholarship program is designed to help those studying and ministering in the arts to further pursue their passion for the Arts to greater heights.

The Art Scholarship

Scholarships awarded are not given the individual, but to their choice of training center, college, or university on their behalf. The amount and the number of Scholarships offered each year will great depend on the amount in funds that is available and the number of applicants. 

Areas of studying includes: Fine and performing arts, Film, Music, and Media production, Graphic art design, Architect design, and the Culinary Arts.

To be considered for the scholarship applicants must submit an application fee, a video demonstrating their gift and talents, and transcript of your reason for applying and why you should receive an scholarship, brief history of your gift or talent, and what do you hope to accomplish in the future with your gift or talent.

Please be aware all videos submitted becomes the property of the Foundation and will not be returned. By submitting your video you are also agreeing to allow us to use your likeness and image for promotional purposes to get more funding for the foundation and to recruit new applicants, and to promote events. 

Outstanding Volunteer Achievement Award.

This scholarship is awarded only to our volunteers. Applicants  are nominated based of their dedication and hard work for the foundation. Those awarded the scholarship must be planning to work for the organization for at least 3 years full or part time. 

Scholarships can be used towards any area of study that can be used within the organization. Nominees must submit a video sharing their hopes for the future and the part they plan to play in the future growth of the  organization. Please see rules above regarding video submissions.

Job Creation

job creation

When it comes to job creation, the foundation's main focus is creating good paying jobs within the Arts field. We feel that if careers in the Arts were created here in Virginia, there would be no need for our local talent to have to travel to places like new York, Tennessee, and California and Georgia to get work. Many times these new talents get mixed up in drugs and alcohol and their careers eventually suffers because of it, if they survive it. 

We will provide a positive atmosphere and encourage more constructive ways to enjoy life without the negativity. The pay structure will not compare to that of Hollywood. But our goal is to have one of the highest pay rates in the area.

This will also includes our other jobs in various fields to push our organization to higher heights! Our 1# goal is to become one of the 10 top places to work for in U.S., and eventually the World!

Healthier And Better You Program

Good health is so important! 

Good health determines how well you can provide for yourself and your family, it saves you money because the more you can do yourself and not pay someone else to do it that's more money in your pocket, and helps  in decision making so you make better choices. When you are healthy you have a better chance of enjoying life to the fullest. And gives you every opportunity to do more for others! 

Unfortunately, in the society we live in, good health has almost become a luxury. The price of healthy foods is a lot  more expensive than junk food. Health insurance is too expensive for many families. Sadly, our government want to end pre-existing conditions being accepted by insurance companies. Which in the state of the world in the middle of a pandemic, chances of losing your job is even greater. No job, no insurance! Many jobs have been forced to cut their hours back for their workers, meaning loss of insurance for those full-time workers are now part-time. 

We have to do our part! Together we can work towards building a healthier and better you! Encouraging you get moving towards better health and or maintaining your good health. Our programs helps the community to obtain food, promotes mental and spiritual wellness too! 

Here are the programs we will offer to the community:

  • Food Pantry
  • Victorious Word
  • Fitness and Wellness Focused
  • Life Coaching

Food Pantry

Having a good meal is vital to a person's survival. Unfortunately, countless Americans go hungry every year due to homelessness and being low income. During this pandemic many children are going hungry because the only time they really ate, was at school. 

We don't have a physical building yet, however, we do work with local churches to help provide groceries to seniors and others who need it and even hot meals to seniors and the homeless would would otherwise go hungry.

good health circles

Victorious Word

With all of the turmoil in this world, who doesn't need an encouraging word! 

Affirmations, positive quotes, and scriptures from the Holy Bible all to encourage you and to help you live a more victorious life.

positive words

Fitness And Wellness 

Tips, videos, recipes, events and more to keep your mind and body strong and fit! Regardless of your level of endurance we have something for you to help get you started or to help you reach the next level! 
fit N wellness

Some times life can get us stuck. Whether its emotionally, spiritually, career and finance and we need some help to get to the next level of our path. Life coaching is just what you may need to help you accomplish your goals.

Currently We Offer:

Christian Life Empowerment Coaching  - Helps you to achieve your spiritual level to higher heights and will draw you closer to our Lord and Savoir, Jesus Christ.

Wealth Management Coaching - Will help you get your finances in check and help you find the best path to prepare for a brighter tomorrow!

Mental Health and Fitness Coaching - Dealing with depression and anxiety can become overwhelming and can get you trapped in an unhealthy pattern. Learn how to break negative patterns and live the life you want to live. Your mental and physical wellness plays a big in helping you to get through your life's trials and pushing on to the next level.

Everyone that applies for these services are not accepted. Our clients MUST be coachable and ready to DO THE WORK that is required to progress to the next level in your life.

Mentorship Program Registration

If you are signing up for two or more of our programs please be sure to tell us about your goals for each and the box below.