"Rebuilding, Reclaiming, Restoring, and Enriching Lives"

Building a better tomorrow, one person and one community at a time.


Thank you for visiting our site! Here at BVictory we strive to serve our community by rebuilding, reclaiming, restoring, and enriching lives through the power of Jesus Christ!

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Mission Statement

Rebuilding, Reclaiming, Restoring, and Enriching Lives through the power of Jesus Christ!

We strongly believe that faith without works is dead. Therefore, we strive to reach people where they are and help them improve their lives and to live life more abundantly, just as Christ did!

What We Do...

  • Scholarships and Aid to those studying and ministering  in the Arts
  • Building affordable housing 
  • Job creation especially in the arts promoting livable wages and aiding to boost the local economy 
  • Healthier and Better You Programs

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There are many areas within the foundation in which you can volunteer! So there is no talent to great or small to be over looked. We need your help to reach the community and to meet the needs of the people!

When we are in the position to hire, we will hire from our list of active volunteers first that best fit what the  position requires before going to outside sources!

If you have a business that can aid in any way with an of our projects please contact us today!

We Are An Organization You Can Trust!

Donate ~ Volunteer ~ Change Lives!

Make a commitment today to change the world tomorrow!