The Prayer Closet

debt free sign

Lord, You said in Your Word, "...The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want..." so I am coming to you now Jesus asking you for Your help. I lift up my financial situation before you and I lay it down at Your feet. I trust You Jesus to bless me, bless me press down, shaken together and running over, so that I may be a blessing to others. In Your name Jesus, there will be no more lack in my life. Thank You God for allowing the windows of heaven to open up and to pour out blessings to overflow in my life. Thank You Jesus for hearing and answering my prayer, Amen.

Praise Him as if the answer was just placed at your feet!

Faith without works is dead!

Keep believing and live each day expecting to see those blessings God has for you! You never know how God is going to move in Your life. Rather it's promotion on your current job, or a new job, a new business or a new contract that pushes your business to a new level! Just know that God is going to open doors that were once closed to you! And remember nothing is impossible for God!

Gods hands