Prayer Closet

A Prayer For Hope

yellow hope sign

Jesus, I come before you now asking You to touch my heart. My heart is heavy, I am tired, my eye can't see clearly through all of the tears from crying. I need to see Your glory in my situation. I need You to come quickly to my rescue! I need to see the light at the end of this dark tunnel that never seems to end. Send me peace and comfort until Your glory is manifested in my situation. I know that You are the true and living God and you cannot fail! You knew me before I was ever in my mother's womb, so I know without a doubt my needs have already been provided! You are my strength, because I have none left, it is You and You alone that carries me. Demolish every mountain that is in my way. Raise me out of the valley, making my way as smooth as the shore! Thank you, Jesus for meeting my needs! Thank you for making a way for me. I know I will see the outpouring of Your blessings in my life. New doors will be opened! The troubles that I am faced with are over! In Your name Jesus! Amen.  

 ... Now Praise God!

Praise God as if the answer you are looking for is looking you right in the face! 

Just trust God, your answered prayer is on the way!

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