The Prayer Closet

Prayer For Failing Marriages

couple pray bed

I humbly come into Your presence Jesus, asking you to touch my marriage. Restore the love, peace, and trust once again. If we fight, let us fight for each other. Help us to build each other up and not tear one another down anymore. God, let our marriage be focused on the bond of three You O Lord, my spouse, and myself alone. Help us to effectively communicate feelings more, and to build more beautiful memories together. More importantly, God, have Your way in our lives, lead us into Your perfect Will. Draw us closer together and closer to You in this renewed walk. Making us stronger than ever before. Thank you Jesus! Amen!

Be encouraged! Keep the Faith!

Marriage is a lot work.  It takes a lot of communication and understanding. More importantly it takes a lot a faith and trust in God, because when all goes south and only one half is fighting for the marriage because the other half has completely bailed. God is your emergency life line between the two of of you. One prays and God will tug at the other's heart. God can use the space to get you both where you need to be. Just trust the process! God never fails, even if He doesn't answer in the way we want Him to. Trust God through it all!

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