Jesus, I need You! Please give me peace in the midst of this storm I am going through. I need Your peace that surpasses that all understanding! Remove all anger, fear, doubt, and worry. And all else that is within me that will block Your peace. Fill my heart, soul, and mind with Your peace. I need a restful sleep at night. I need a calm mind throughout my day. Thank you for hearing my prayer.  Thank You Jesus for Your loving peace filling me. Amen!

Begin To Praise God!

Believe you have received your peace already!

Stay in your Word and keep praying! Especially when stress is hitting you the most. Changing the type of music you listen to is vital. Listening to worship music is far better than R & B or anything else if you are trying to get into a peaceful state and are trying to connect with God.

And remember, keep your heart and mind on Jesus!

lady praying